Peace of Mind: Five Benefits of Travel Insurance to Know

You've purchased the plane tickets, planned for meals and activities, and watched as your trip budget slowly dissipated. 

From there, you might have decided to cut back in a few ways. Maybe you rent a minivan instead of a sports car or opt to cook in the hotel room rather than going to out to eat every night. 

You may have also considered nixing travel insurance, but think twice before you do.

Though it's an added expense, it's a valuable one that shouldn't be overlooked. Today, we're sharing five benefits to sticking with this policy, even amid your quest to save elsewhere.

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1. It Helps if You Get Sick

Do you feel like you always get sick when you take a vacation? It isn't in your mind. It's actually backed by science.

Research shows that we're more susceptible to falling ill when we're traveling in close proximity to other people. We're also engaging in activities that weaken our immune systems, such as losing sleep as we cross time zones. 

As such, there's a chance that someone in your party could fall ill while you're in paradise. One of the top benefits of travel insurance is protection in this regard.

If someone gets hospitalized before the trip even begins or shows symptoms halfway through the adventure, you might not be eligible for reimbursement without an insurance policy.

If you do have one, however, you can recoup some of the costs you've already paid out. There are even types of travel insurance that will help cover your medical expenses while you're abroad.

These include plans that cover you in the event that you need to see a doctor while you're at your destination. With many plans, you can even cancel if your doctor says you are unable to travel or there is a death in the family.

2. Your Schedule Is Flexible

Do you need to return home early due to a medical emergency or event back home? If so, your airline may be able to charge you for changing your flight around.

Travel insurance can help mitigate or eliminate this expense, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to come home if you need to, without worrying about tacked-on fees.

3. You Can Cancel if Necessary

Sometimes, wanderlust gets the best of us and we plan a vacation without considering the fine-print details. Or, maybe we've saved for years for a trip, but something major comes up and we aren't able to go.

In either case, it can be an expensive pain to cancel.

If you purchase travel insurance, you can do so with ease, avoiding the costly, time-consuming process of reversing what you started.

Depending on the type of coverage you choose, you can cancel for major reasons such as a death in the family and hospitalization. There are other types of insurance policies that will cover you if you’re required to work, the babysitter fell through or even if you don’t like your new swimsuit!

4. Lost Baggage Isn't as Bad

No one wants to consider a trip without luggage, but it happens more frequently than you might think. In fact, airlines mishandle more than 20 million bags every year.

If you need to purchase clothes and toiletries to continue with your trip while your suitcases take a journey of their own, travel insurance will cover you.

5. Flight Changes Are Easier

When a travel delay occurs, it's often beyond your control. Yet, it can wreak havoc on your plans, requiring you to spend mind-numbing hours at the airport.

If your flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked, travel insurance kicks in to help you recuperate unexpected expenses. It also helps if you accidentally miss a connection and have to stay overnight in a city you never intended to visit.

Without travel insurance, you could be on your own if the skies turn gray. Weather-related delays are not covered by the airline and would be all out of pocket.

Moreover, if you are delayed due to mechanical reasons with the airplane, crew rest, or related issues, the airline is supposed to offer some sort of compensation in return. However, that is never guaranteed nor should it be expected every time. When you invest in travel insurance, you're covered.

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As experienced travel agents, we know a thing or two about how to make your vacation go off without a hitch. From insurance to discounts, we'll save you both money and sanity.

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